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New Technologies

The trend towards automation and an all-in-one approach seen in nearly every technical field is also evident in CNC technology. In the virtual world, design and machine setup are increasingly merging into an end-to-end data flow from the same source.

Eco materials

The popularity of eco products in general is growing by leaps-and-bounds these days, not only the demand for eco friendly furniture. It seems less and less people want to tread heavily on the earth as many of us become aware or our population rise.

Creative Ideas

When the conversation is about furniture, you expect it to be boring. Every time we step into a furniture store the only things you’d ask about are probably price and material. Creative furniture, the kind that stands out from the rest of the regular type of furniture.

Our Speciality

Shandar Enterprises

Want to make your home beautiful and attractive ???

Home is where the heart is. Every body feels the most comfortable in their own homes. At the end of the day we look forward to going back home where we can be relaxed and ourselves. When your home is decorated well and looks nice, it gives the people in the home a good feeling. A beautiful home can uplift moods and give a pleasant feeling to those living in the house. While furnishing or decorating your house, always plan first. Plan and imagine in your mind how you would want the end result to look like. Here are some ways, you can use to beautify and decorate your house.

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